A selection of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Where does High Calibre Miniatures ship?

A: We ship worldwide.


Q: How much is shipping?


A: We now ship for a flat rate of $8 USD worldwide with all orders of $90 or more being shipped free! We ship via Canada Post Standard Air Mail.


Q: What do the costs on the products mean?


A: All prices are in US Dollars and represent the final cost of an item (Taxes may apply for Canadian Customers)

Q: What does High Calibre Miniatures sell?

A: We specialize in resin figures of the highest quality. The majority of our figures are in 1/35 scale, which stand approximately 50mm from head to toe. We also offer some bigger scale figures as our lines are constantly growing.

Q: Are the figures complete?

A: No, all figures will require assembly and painting.

Q: What kind of paint can I use on resin figures?

A: I recommend using acrylic paints such as Citadel, Vallejo, Tamiya. You could also use Enamel (Humbrol) or oil artist paints.


Q: What kind of glue should I use?

A: Super/crazy glue is the most effective.

Q: What are some basic tools I should use for modeling?

A: A few good paint brushes, sand paper, files, hobby knife, small sprue clippers, glue, primer.


Q: How do I prepare my resin figure for painting?

A: After all of the casting blocks have been removed, carefully cleaning the surface of the figure with an old toothbrush and then spraying primer onto all resin surfaces.

Q: Where is a good place to learn more about figures and the hobby in general?

A: High Calibre Miniatures has a Youtube channel that is updated weekly and can help with many simple painting projects and questions.   Our Youtube Channel is HicalTV

Q: How can I contact High Calibre Miniatures?

A: Email us directly at info@highcalibreminiatures.com, or message us on Facebook.