High Calibre Miniatures is a small, family run, online hobby shop that specializes in selling the highest quality resin figures at competitive prices. Both Allan and James are long time modelers and hobby enthusiasts. High Calibre Miniatures is based in North Vancouver Canada and was formed with the intent of providing a hub for hobbyists who are looking for a one-stop online location for 1/35 scale figures. With that in mind, we are constantly expanding and adding fresh manufacturers and products to our roster such as MiniSoldiers from Russia and Man Jin Kim Miniatures from Korea. With our extensive use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, we have enabled a high visibility of our new releases and personal projects from our workbench. High Calibre Miniatures’ Youtube channel (highcaltv) is also a great place to keep up to date with all things figures and James’ personally ongoing modeling projects. Happy modeling from all of us at High Calibre Miniatures.